I am an artist, bicyclist, dog owner, explorer, husband, photographer, skate & snowboarder, and video game player

I am also a seasoned design leader with a track record of collaborating with incredible brands like HP, Sherwin Williams, Shaw Floors, the Ohio State University, and many others throughout my career.

I'm currently focused on building better user experiences in Web3 at Dialect, where I lead the charge in creating the best messaging app featuring smart messages and NFT stickers.

Before my current role, I had the privilege of leading the design team at Metaplex. I played a pivotal role in shaping the Metaplex NFT Standard on Solana and crafting immersive experiences for creators and collectors alike. Before that, I honed my craft at Big Cartel, where I helped empower artists to build successful businesses around their craft and sell their merchandise online.

As a designer, I am deeply passionate about my work and always seek ways to fuel my creativity. I enjoy exploring new hobbies, such as handcrafting leather goods, creating apparel designs, or going on long bike rides. During the summer, you can regularly find me outdoors, whether camping, hiking with friends, or simply enjoying a cold beer on a patio. And when the weather turns colder, I love nothing more than hitting the snowy mountains, either on foot or snowboard.