Carl W. DeCaire III Design Lead + Creative Direction

Hi! I'm Carl, a design leader who enjoys creating engaging product design & user experiences, with a focus on Web3 apps & services.

Dialect / 2022–Present

As the design lead, I'm currently developing and implementing creative strategies for the best Web3 messaging app, conducting user research, and creating user flows, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs. Working with cross-functional teams, we've seen our app downloaded over 100k times in under a year and plan to mint over 1 million compressed NFTs, pushing the boundaries of Web3.

Metaplex / 2021–2022

As the Design Lead for Creator & Collector experiences, I helped define the Metaplex NFT Standard on Solana, which has already facilitated the creation of over 15 million NFTs and generated more than $3 billion in creator revenue. These numbers continue to grow exponentially, thanks to Metaplex's innovative approach to NFTs and the vibrant community of creators and collectors we've fostered.

Big Cartel / 2011–2021

As a principal designer, I was key in developing intuitive and accessible e-commerce tools and services that grew our community of creators, independent artists, and makers from 100k storefronts to over 1 million. During my tenure, our platform generated over $2 billion in transactions yearly that went directly to our customers and continue to grow annually.

Past experience & College/ 2001–2009

While my focus now is on building better user experiences in web3 and e-commerce, my education in advertising has been an essential foundation for my work. Looking back on my career, I'm proud to have collaborated with incredible brands like HP, Sherwin Williams, Shaw Floors, and the Ohio State University early on. I'm excited to see where my creativity and passion for design take me next.

Extracurricular / 2013–Current

Personal side projects ranging from NFTs to hand made leather goods.