Carl W. DeCaire III Design Lead + Creative Direction

I'm an explorer, photographer, cat & dog lover, bicyclist, skateboarder, snowboarder, video gamer a design leader.

I'm currently looking for new opportunities in the web3 space. If you are looking for a design leader, with excellent UI and UX experience, let's chat.

Most recently, I was the design lead at Metaplex, helping to define the Metaplex NFT Standard on Solana and building creator and collector experiences. Before that I was helping artists make a living doing what they love at Big Cartel. A lifetime before that, I created award-winning work for clients such as HP, Sherwin Williams, Shaw Floors and the Ohio State University.

While I love my craft, I find it essential to have a healthy relationship with my work. I'm always finding simple ways to escape whether it's handcrafting leather goods, riding my bike or catching up on TV shows and video games. In the summer I enjoy spending my time outdoors, finding new places to camp and hike or grabbing beers with friends on a patio. When it's cold and icy (Thanks, Ohio!), I grow a wild looking beard and occasionally go to the local "mountain" to ride my snowboard.

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